‘The directory name is invalid’ is a sudden pop-up that appears due to a system error. Most typically, it appears due to the insertion of a poor USB cable to external devices. Disabled cables are unwittingly plugged in, which eventually ends up in directory error. Exchanging cable with a correct one could facilitate; however, what if the error still persists?

 In that case, you are speculated to examine and extract out the opposite causes of the error.  

Here are five ways on how you can find and fix it:

Checking video location

The location of your video may additionally cause a ‘The directory name is invalid’ error. If you’re unable to play a video, make sure to check if the video can be deleted.  

You cannot watch the video inbound locations, and so as to repair it, you are supposed to copy the video and then paste it in whatever other location you wish. The videos in different folders or locations are often contending.

On pressing the delete option of the previous video, you will see another pop-up that informs that you cannot delete it or claiming that the file is no longer out there.

In Windows, you can delete it with ease; however, different versions may have some complications to revive them back. 

In order to resolve this downside, follow the below-given instruction:

Right-click on-screen >add to archive > archive format RAR > tick ‘delete after watching’ on right side > right click on the video and delete it. (It may also be deleted automatically).

An error occurring when moving, copying, or viewing the file or data in Microsoft Windows

‘The directory name is invalid’ or ‘Destination path too long’ or ‘interrupted action’ are three issues that typically happen as a result of the trail of the directory is too long. You can neither copy nor paste the file in such a case. You can’t even read the file. 

In order to resolve the matter, you may build the trail shorter.  

Go back to the basis folder, so rename the long sentence into a brief name. You can now normally view, move, and copy files.  

In case your problem isn’t solved, browse below and check if different ways work.

In the case of unallocated file

A very much seen cause of the error, when a new hard disk is being connected to the external devices of the computer. A file remains unallocated due to space in between the paths. The software package on mechanically finding the unallocated house allocates the file into it. This file remains inactive on the pc drive. 

To restore and examine the file, an unallocated house has to be born-again to a free house.

It’s pretty straightforward to resolve this problem:

Click on computer > click on manage > click on disk management >  (you’ll notice (F:) is unallocated) > right click on unalloated > select new simple volume > keep clicking next for 5 consecutive times > (new volume is detected) the problem is fixed. 

One more approach Microsoft Window users can do to repair the unallocated house is by employing a partition recovery. MiniTool Partition Wizard, discharged by Minitool software system Ltd. helps you manage the disk.

For Windows 10, try updating the disk driver

After dropping all ineffective ways, attempt to change the disk driver. 

Press ‘Windows + R’ key > open device manager by typing devmgmt.msc in the space provided > click on disk drive > right click on external drive > press update driver.

As usual, change isn’t thought-about essential unless needed; however, device drivers let your pc perform swimmingly, and alternate drives boost performance and stability.

Disabled DVD drive: (Windows 10)

You may be caught to ‘The directory name is invalid’ pop-up error due to video disk drive, which might simply be discouraged by following the steps:

Press Win + X > select device manager > preview DVD/CD-ROM drives > right click on your chosen drive > select disable > confirm yes to disable > search for your DVD drive and enable it. 

Another popular way of disabling DVD drives is by expanding hkey _ local _ machine > expand system > select current controlset > select services > press CD ROM > choose start from the section on the right > replace 1 to 4 > restart your PC. 

What if you lose necessary data while making an attempt to repair the ‘The inventory name is invalid’ error? (Windows 10)

There are possibilities of you losing your files or data while fixing the ‘The inventory name is invalid’ error. 

Recovering data is an easy game with the usage of recovering software:

First, launch your installed software, then place it on the location where you lost your data, after which you would require to click ‘scan.’ After the scanning is done, preview the file by double-clicking and extract the data you wish to recover. Press ‘recover’, and rather than putting it back to its old location, put it in a new one.


5 Easy Steps to Fix Antimalware Service Executable Issues

If you own a house and a rodent has been causing some real damage to your property, what do you do? Your search for it, right? What does it take to search for it? It takes time and then the process to locate and then drive it out of your house. By the time it ends, you’re sweaty and on to your lemonade with the ice tray empty with your baggy shorts on. Quite a work, right! Draining your complete energy and compelling yourself to cool down.

A similar situation goes through our computer system. The rodent here is the malware. Malware is malicious software that is harmful to your system. In order to search for them, the system has to conduct a search operation, which in-fact takes up a huge chunk of the CPU and slows down the system to some degree.

Windows Defender, which acts as a primary guard to possible threats, has been commissioned to do the needful search operation to extract the mole out and keep the system clean. The Antimalware Service Executable process is one of the background services Windows Defender offers. It is always kept running by default to scan through documents working upon. Files visited, downloads, etc. It could be found in the Task Manager segment, where it reads as Antimalware Executable Defender while its file name is MsMpEng.exe.

So in this article, we’ll be learning a few steps to fix the issue and make your system as efficient as before.

Step 1

Schedule your Antimalware Service Executable as you schedule your rodent evacuation on days you’re relatively free from work, possibly off from it.

Simply type Task Scheduler on the search window and navigate through to Library/Microsoft/Windows/Windows Defender. When you’re in there, double click on the Defender Scheduled Scan and uncheck all options in the Conditions tab and click OK.

This removes all the scan options from the list. But in order to keep your system safe, you need to set up some schedule for scan, most likely when you do not need the computer for multitasking, and a little bit sloth is acceptable.

Double click Windows Defender Scheduled Scan and select the Triggers tab and click New. Create a new scan schedule according to your own time.

Step 2

Windows Defender is supposed to check through each and every file present in the system, including itself. This can cause certain system lags and could be overridden.

In the Windows Task Manager, search for the process named Antimalware System Executable and right-click it to navigate through to its location by clicking on a file location. The address bar would consist of the address of the file, copy it.

Go to the Windows Defender Security Center, go to Virus and Threat Protection, and then Virus and Threat Protection Settings.

In the Exclusions segment, click Add or Remove Exclusions. Click on Add Exclusion and select the folder to paste the address path, and click open.

The file has been excluded from the scan.

Step 3

Disable the root cause. Disable Windows Defender if the problem persists after the first two options, but it is risky and prone to various kinds of cyberattacks. However, if you still want to proceed, then follow the steps.

Open the Run dialog box and open Registry Editor by typing regedit and clicking OK. Then navigate through to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsDefender. Double click on Disable AntiSpyWare and set its value to 1.

However, this is quite risky not only to the system alone but also to personal documents and information stored or accessed through the computer. Nowadays, Cybercrimes are at a high, and money laundering cases are increasing exponentially. In order to keep your system safe, it is advisable not to disable the Windows Defender but if you are doing it, then make sure your computer is provided with antivirus protection. Else you’d be risking data and valuable information.

Step 4

Simply check for malicious programs that might have crept in. While it might be pointed out that it was the fault of Windows defender not to scan the program, high-end encryption programs exist, which pose off as important files or folders, while all it does is involve the system in harmful actions. In order to extract them out, use any reputed third-party antivirus and scan the system for hidden files and folders.

Step 5

If you are sick, you cannot hunt down the rodent, can you? Similarly, if the Antimalware file or simply the MsMpEng.exe is corrupted, it can no longer search for the system’s moles. Try involving any third party Antimalware application for such bugs and drive them out of the system to get your own back on its feet.

Nowadays every work is via the internet. From transactions to communication, the internet is the only option we’re handed with, and with the pros, there lie the cons. Cyber attacks are steeply increasing, and system information is being changed rapidly to meet up the security and keep users safe. Yet, there remain some holes through which these malicious entries happen and, if unattended, could cost a lot. Hence it’s advisable to keep your system clean, have the necessary locks laden into your security to avoid mishaps from occurring. Remember, you are your biggest protector when it comes to cybercrimes. Be responsible and keep surfing. Safely!


5 ways to Fix power surge on USB Port Error

Facing a USB Port Error because of a power surge is one of the most common problems that are faced by a majority of us. This can be frustrating if it’s happening for the first time with you, but there’s no cause for panic because we’ve got this covered for you. 

What is the power surge on the USB Port? 

An error message displaying “Power Surge on the USB Port” can occur either when you plug in your cell phone to your laptop or PC via the USB port or when the already plugged in device stops working. 

Normally, all USB devices are allowed to draw a maximum of 500 milliamps per connection from the computer system or a USB hub. Whenever the device exceeds the limit of power that it can draw, the connection is terminated, and an error message is displayed. This can mean that either your USB port or your device has some problems. 

The five ways to tackle the power surge on the USB Port error

This power surge on the USB Port Error can be tackled in these five ways:

Running the Hardware Troubleshooter

The Windows Operating System provides its users with the Hardware Trouble Shooter that detects the problems in your hardware and tries to resolve the issue by following some steps. The Hardware Shooter can be run by:

  1. Press Windows and ‘R’ together. A dialogue box appears. Type “control” on it and then press the Enter key.
  2. Go to the “View By” option on the top right-hand side of the screen and select “Large Icons” from the drop-down list.
  3. Select “Troubleshooting” from the Control Panel.
  4. Select the “View All” button on the screen. This will provide a list of all the troubleshooting packs present on the computer.
  5. Select and click on “Hardware and Devices” from the list. A new window will now show on the screen. Select the option “Next.”
  6. Windows will now search for the hardware problems and fix if any such error is found. 
  7. After successfully checking for the errors, Windows might send a prompt to restart the computer to fix the issues. After this, select the “Apply this Fix” option.

Reinstall the USB Drivers

Reinstalling the USB Drivers can refresh the interface used by the Hardware and Software to communicate with the Operating System. Uninstall all the drivers one at a time until the device is disconnected. Then scan for the hardware changes, after which the default drivers will be installed by themselves.

  1. Press Windows and ‘R’ together. A dialogue box appears; type “demgmt. msc” in it and press the Enter key.
  2. In the Device Manager, click and open the “Universal Serial Bus Controller.” Select and right-click on the hub or USB controllers. Select “Uninstall device”.
  3. Right-click on an empty space and select “Scan for hardware changes”. The USB drivers will get automatically installed on the computer. 

The error will reappear if the problem lies with the hardware connected to the computer.

Use USB Hub

Sometimes the power surge error might occur on a device if it requires more voltage than the USB port that is being used. If the same error is displayed when the device is connected to another computer, then a USB hub that comes with its power source can be useful. The high-speed charging ports can supply the required power to the device. The USB hub will serve as an intermediate connection between the USB port and the device. 

Checking Individual Hardware

You can check if there’s a short circuit in any of the connected devices. It can happen that either the mouse or camera plugged in is facing problems with the internal connection or is not suited for the USB drive. Reinstall the drivers and then plug all the devices one by one and check which device causes the error message to be displayed. If the device is identified, plug it into the backports of the computer as they have more power and deliver more energy to the connected device. If the error still occurs, try connecting it to another computer, and if it still continues to show the same behavior, then the problem lies with the device hardware itself. 

Check Power Supply and the USB Connections

If the device has no issues, then the problem either lies in the power supply, the USB connection, or the root of the USB connection. Try plugging in a spare power supply into the system to check if it works. Sometimes having a lower power supply can cause this, indicating the need to upgrade the power supply. 

Check the USB connections to see if they are soldered inside the computer properly. If there’s a problem there, the error message can be caused by it. There is also the possibility of your port being fried and not fit for use. 

 Some tips to keep in mind: 

  1. Check your old mouse or keyboard for any errors or faults.
  2. If the BIOS is of an older version, upgrade it to the latest version. 
  3. Try using a USB Extension to connect the device instead of directly plugging it into the port.
  4. Custom made computers can face problems in some modules which are not plugged in properly. There can be issues of a short circuit in the motherboard, hence check them properly.


These are the five ways to solve the power surge on the USB Port error. These ways can solve only minor problems or faulty configurations. If there is a serious problem with the device, then it’s advisable to get it solved by a technician. 


5 Ways to Google Chrome has Stopped Working Error

One morning there you are doing your work on your browser, and then, bam, you see an error that your browser has stopped working. But don’t worry now because these methods will solve the problem in no time.

Google chrome is one of the most widely used and regarded as the best browser in the internet world, and so it would really be upset if it stopped working for unknown reasons. There are various reasons for Chrome to stop working. It could be due to network connectivity issues, high resource usage, or incompatible browser extensions.

Google chrome is the most popular browser because of its friendly user interface, customizable, and quickness. A wide range of apps, extensions make it more interesting and easy to use. [6]

If your browser stops working, you might find the following messages shown:

Proxy error- err_connection_reset_chrome

Webpage not available- err_connection_closed


*Before trying any of these methods, make sure your browser and windows are updated

Close Multiple Tabs

Many people have a habit of keeping multiple tabs in their browsers, kind of like reminders, but each tab uses additional memory (RAM) from your system and thus making the browser vulnerable to crash or freeze. So close all the tabs other than the one showing the error message and then try reloading the webpage. If it still doesn’t work, try the ones below. [4]

Conflicting Software

As the name suggests, these are the software that might be causing hindrance to your browser. To know if any of your software (includes malware and network-related software that interferes with Google Chrome) are causing issues in your browser, go to 

chrome://conflicts, and there Google will tell you if any of your software is ‘conflicting ones’. If you have conflicting software, it’s best that you either update it, disable it, or, last option, uninstalls it. You can also search the name of the library in case you are not aware of the software/module it is related to.

Browser Extensions

A browser extension is basically a small software used to customize a web browser.

Extensions are used to alter the functionality of the browser, such as ad-blocking, etc.

If you disable the extensions, then it will not inject any scripts inside each website and hence making the loading of the webpage easier. [5]

To remove/ disable extensions:

  • Type “chrome://extensions” in the Chrome address bar and press Enter.
  • Disable unwanted or unnecessary extensions
  • Restart your browser and check for errors. If you don’t face any errors, that means one of the extensions is causing the problem
  • Turn on one extension at a time to check which one is the problem.

Switch to a new profile

Browser errors might be brought about by a defiled/corrupted profile. You can test this by making another profile from Chrome’s Settings screen. Open the Settings page from Chrome’s menu and click Add new client under Users.

Change to the new profile and check if the browser still crashes or displays an error. Once you create a new profile, you can sync your old data, but this might again lead to the same problem because the old files may have been corrupted and causing problems. [1]

  • To create a new profile on Chrome: Click the profile icon on the top right corner and then click manage people 
  • Click the add person option and create a profile with whatever name you wish.

Resetting Google Chrome to default settings

Google Chrome has an option that could reset Chrome to default settings. Your saved bookmarks or passwords will remain intact. It will make Chrome return to default configurations and do away with all the settings that might be causing errors in the browser.

For resetting to default settings, all you have to do is go to the settings menu in google chrome (chrome://settings/) scroll right down to find the option of

‘restore settings to their original defaults’.

Here are some additional ways for removing the error, these are simple and effective methods, but your data might be lost. You can use them as your last resort:

  • Clear cache and cookies
  • Restart the computer
  • Reinstall google chrome

(also check for the version that suits your computer, i.e., 32bit or 64bit)


So these were the five most effective ways to get rid of the “google chrome stopped working error” according to me. There are multiple other ways to do so, but these were the most widely used and have helped many people in solving the issue.


5 ways to fix: FFVIX unable to download patch files

We’ve all either been obsessed with playing or at least heard about the Final Fantasy series at some point in our lives. Who wouldn’t love an online multiplayer game with amazing character design and gameplay? It allows people to meet amazing players from all over the world since the game is an MMORPG.

Being unable to play because of some technical difficulties is the last thing anyone would want. 

If you have come across as unable to download patch files on your ffxiv game, then read ahead to find out five ways on how you would go about tackling this issue. 

Use a VPN application

Sometimes your network does not allow such files to download, and the error- ffxiv “unable to download patch files” appears. The solution is to access these files through a different channel that wouldn’t face these issues. This can be accomplished by downloading or installing a VPN application.

It’s a free and easy way to override your network issues. What it does is it simply changes or hides your channel of download in order to get the previously unable-to-download files onto your device. This way, you don’t have to resort to crazy expensive software or change your entire network to deal with the problem. A separate Internet Service Provider has proven to work effectively.

Update your search engine( Internet Explorer)

Often times the current version of your search engine is not compatible with the game. The search engine associated with the game is Internet explorer. Even if you are not playing the game on internet explorer, update the latest version onto your PC/ Laptop. 

Step 1: Open the IE browser.

Step2: Click “Tools.”

Step 3: Then click “Internet options” and adjust the settings given below:

  1. Delete ALL history after clicking the GENERAL tab.
  2. Move the slider to the lowest setting under the SECURITY tab.
  3. Move the slider to the lowest or select the “Allow all cookies” option under the PRIVACY tab.
  4. Make sure the “allow application to download even if the signature is invalid” option is checked under the ADVANCED tab.
  5. Check SSL and TLS options. ( SSL 3.0 must be unchecked).

Step 4: Select “Apply” to save changes.

Step 5: Right-click your ffxiv icon and go to properties.

Step 6: Change compatibility to the latest windows version by going to the COMPATIBILITY tab.

Step 7: Then click “Apply.”

Step 8: Finally, restart your PC/ Laptop.

Step 9: Once restarted, again right-click the ffxiv icon and select the “Run as administrator” option.

Disable your Antivirus software or your Firewall temporarily

Sometimes, the reason why you are unable to download the patch files is because of some sort of device protection software that is installed on your device. They might be interfering with the download and blocking the files that also affects the game data. This problem mainly occurs when applications like Firewall, antivirus, web-browsers, etc., are running in the background.

Make sure you disable/ close all the apps running in the background that could potentially cause problems with the download.

Change your DNS server

Changing your DNS server helps fix the unable to download patch files error in some cases. The best option is to change it to any other free DNS server like- Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, Comodo Secure DNS, etc.

Follow these instructions on how to change your DNS server:

Step 1: Press the Windows + R key simultaneously and then type ncpa.cpl into the dialog box.

Step 2: Click “enter.”

Step 3: Go to network connections on your PC/ Laptop.

Step 4: Right-click the wifi network you’re using and click “Properties.”

Step 5: In the dialog box displayed on the screen, select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option.

Step 6: Now, in the TCP/IPv4 dialog box, click on the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option.

Step 7: You will see two boxes that need to be filled with DNS servers of your choice.

  1. For the preferred DNS server, enter
  2. For the alternate DNS server, enter

Step 8: Make sure the “Validate settings upon exit” option is checked to save the changes you made and click “Ok”.

Reconfigure your router

If none of the above-mentioned methods work, then we suggest reconfiguring your router. Sometimes your router is the reason why the unable to download patch files error occurs.

First, check whether the following Port ranges have been triggered:

  • 54992 through 54994,
  • 55006 through 55007,
  • 55021 through 55040

If you need assistance on how to go about doing this, then contact your ISP, and they will forward you the ports themselves.

Ending Remarks

We truly hope you found this information helpful and hope it has assisted you with your problems. Nothing’s stopping you from diving right into your online multiplayer roleplaying game now. Final Fantasy 14 awaits you.


5 Ways to Fix Windows 10 File Explorer Won’t Open Error

It often happens that you try to launch your explore.exe to open a file, and it just wouldn’t open. This is the case, not just with Windows 10, but Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well. It is a big issue when the window file explorer freezes and is unresponsive, as most of the files can be accessed through file explorer. Before we jump into the solutions, make sure your hard-drive is healthy; this can be done using different tools for e.g., Windows Repair Toolbox. Here are some of the solutions for troubleshooting a Windows 10 File explorer won’t open error:

Restart File Explorer

The first is the most simple and Indian traditional way of solving any problem, i.e., by switching it off and then on. Many times, the windows file explorer is not properly launched, which can create issues in initiating the program, and, hence restarting file explorer can often solve the issue. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.
  2. Select Windows Explorer on the left side.
  3. Right-click on Windows Explorer and click on End-Task.
  4. Go to File, which is on the top-left corner and select Run a new task.
  5. Type explorer.exe in the box and hit Enter. Or simply Restart Windows File Explorer.

Clean Boot State

Sometimes, the Windows File Explorer freezes due to the intervention of the third party or the third application. To check if the issue is being caused by the third application, boot your windows in a Clean Boot State. Follow the steps for this:

  1. Press Windows Button+ R  
  2. Type msconfig and click OK.
  3. In System Configuration, go to Services tab, check on Hide all Microsoft service, and then click on Disable all.
  4. In the same box, go to the Startup tab and click on Open task manager.
  5. Once Task Manager is open, go to the startup tab, and disable all the applications by select Disable after right-clicking on them.
  6. Go back to the System Configuration box and click on Apply, followed by OK.
  7. A window for restarting the computer appears. Click on Restart.

After rebooting the computer in a clean boot state, go ahead and launch the Windows File Explorer and check if the issue is resolved.

Note: If the issue still exists, follow the same process in reverse, i.e., enabling the disabled items, since the issue was not being created by an application running in the background.

Change the path of File Explorer

In this process, we will basically be changing the path in which File Explorer opens. In order to do that, the following steps can be used:

  1. Open any folder from the desktop.
  2. Click on View. (top-left corner)
  3. Select Options (top-right corner).Click it once and select Change folder and search options.
  4. Once the Folder Options opens, Click on the drop-down options in front of Open File Explorer.
  5. Change Quick access to This PC.
  6. Click Apply, followed by OK.
  7. Start Windows File Explorer and check if the issue is solved.

Using Control Panel

This is an easy way of fixing the File Explorer issue. To troubleshoot the issue of unresponsive Windows File Explorer, follow the below steps:

  1.  Open Control Panel by entering it in the search bar.
  2. Once in the Control Panel, search for File Explorer Options.
  3. In the general section of File Explorer options, go down to the Privacy section and uncheck both the boxes.
  4. If already unchecked, click on Restore defaults and hit Apply.
  5. Click, OK.
  6. Restart the Windows File Explorer.

This method should fix the issue once all the settings are made default.

Using Command Prompt

The last method is killing the application through the command prompt and restarting the Windows File Explorer. This can be done using the following steps:

  1. To open Command Prompt, type cmd in the search options. (Type Command Prompt if cmd does not work)
  2. Right-click on Command Prompt and run it as an administrator
  3. It will ask for permission to make changes to the computer. Select Yes.
  4. Once the Command Prompt as an administrator opens.
  5. Type taskkill /f /im explorer.exe and hit Enter.
  6. The entire background goes black, and only the command prompt window is open.
  7. Type the second command, i.e., start explorer.exe and hit Enter.
  8. ·Everything in the background is restored and appears on the screen.
  9. Launch the Windows File Explorer and open the files you want.

While solving the issue with this method, make sure you type the commands properly, or it will generate an error. This method should troubleshoot the issue of the unresponsive File Explorer issue in Windows.


These were some of the effective methods used to solve the unresponsive File explorer. The Windows File Explorer generates an error due to different reasons. Make sure you follow the proper method in solving this issue without damaging the device. In most instances, either one of the methods works in starting the Windows File Explorer. However, if no tips or methods work, you can use the Feedback Hub app on the computer to send a message/feedback to Microsoft.


5 Ways to Fix The Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b)

Nowadays, our computers are our hubs, and in those computers, we have applications that are suited to our needs and are very handy. But sometimes, we get unforeseen errors in them because, after all, they are machines susceptible to failure. Are you fed up with the error message that says “the application was unable to start correctly” with the error code x0c000007b continuously popping up all over your screen? Are you left utterly clueless as to what you should do NOW? Don’t Worry, because, at some point, we all run into such unwanted errors! Our team here at has brought to you five easy and quick fixes for you, which you will find in the post below! 

But first, you may want to know more about what exactly this error is and how big an error it is. Spoiler Alert: No, it will not kill your PC! This error (0xc000007b) may occur because of the following reasons: 

  • There could have been an interchange of a 32-bit version for a 64-bit version or vice versa.
  • There could be an update from windows that you do not have knowledge about.
  • Something has gone wrong with specific files and programs.

 For a quick fix, you can try the following five methods, which have been explained below in this post: 

  1. Reboot your system
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the entire application
  3. Update your Windows to the latest version
  4. Run the Check Disk (Chkdsk) command
  5. Run the application as administrator 

Method 1

Chances are your PC is just having a bad day, so just give it a quick reboot before trying anything else on this post. If it works, then great, else we still have four more ways to fix your issue.

Method 2

Reinstalling the application, which causes the 0xc000007b error, may solve your problem because sometimes the application you are trying to run may have some corrupt files in it. In most cases reinstalling the program helps with the issue.

Method 3

Sometimes, you just need to update your operating system because the software may not support older versions of your operating system. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Navigate to the ‘Update and security’ section and click on it
  3. From there, select ‘Windows Update’ from the left pane
  4. Click on ‘Check for Updates’ and if there are any, install them
  5. After this, just reboot your system and check if your application runs error-free now!

Method 4

If the above fixes don’t work for you, then running a check disk command seems to be the best option for you right now. For those of you who don’t know, a check disk command scans your computer’s hard drive for problems and fixes any that are found since these problems can be caused due to hard drive issues. To run the command, you need to: 

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator 
  2. Type the following command: chkdsk /f /r 
  3. Hit enter
  4. You will now be asked if you want to schedule the scan for the next time your computer boots up. Type ‘y’ and then hit enter 
  5. Restart the computer, and chksdk will automatically start running and scan your hard drive
  6. Once the command is done running, the computer will boot back up regularly, and you can check to see if the issue is fixed or not

 Method 5

At times, this error occurs due to the unavailability of administrative privileges for the specific application you are trying to run. Some of the files in the application may not have permission to run unless granted by the administrator. To troubleshoot this issue, simply right click on the app and click on ‘Run as Administrator,’ which usually has a blue-yellow shield next to it. Click on ‘Yes’ when a new window pops up, and you should find that the application runs smoothly.

The Bottom Line

 There is no denying that most of us do face these errors, but in this case, we should not panic. Instead, just use our trusted site and resolve your issues with the best guidance available on the internet.

We hope that the information above assisted you, and now you have a bug free program. If you liked this post, make sure to check out more of such informational posts on our blog.


5 Ways To Fix ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Error in Windows 10

“Connection timed out”! Well, the most annoying thing that happens while accessing a webpage. This usually happens when a script exceeds a maximum timeout value. The timeout value is approximately 30-60 seconds. But, if exceeds, we immediately receive the error message. So basically, when the communication between the web browser and the website is lost, we get an error.

And yes! We get irritated with this very easily as nobody likes any kind of delay in their digital life. This happens when we are trying to access our favorite site. Or, at times when we are doing important work. Or we want to get any information quickly. Resultantly, we have to wait or reload the page. Also, sometimes we lose our calm and leave work! So, what’s the solution? How to tackle this situation? There are many questions like this going on in our minds.

Well, not to worry! We are here with all that one needs to know! The reasons behind the error as well as the solutions to get over it! So, to have the clear and right information, stay here, and keep reading!

Reasons Causing The Error

Well, there are a number of reasons associated. This can be due to manual causes or mechanical issues. Further, manual issues can be because of changing Windows settings. This happens consciously or unconsciously, not knowing the fact that it can lead to connection errors. Talking about mechanical issues, it can occur because of many reasons! Like, the server not being able to process the request sent by the browser. Or, Delayed or irresponsive server. Further, an invalid URL. Finally, limited internet connection or no access. The result is receiving an error and not being able to access the website!

Moreover, users have reported some more errors while accessing any webpage or website. For example, “Connection timeout TCP,” then, “Connection server timed out,” “Connection attempt timed out,” and ” connection has been reset, closed by the server,” and many more!


Now, we are clear about the issue and the reasons behind it. Well, keeping in mind these possibilities, here is something that will definitely be useful for our readers. Yes! We are talking about the solutions to this common yet most annoying problem! So, we will introduce you to 5 methods for fixing this “ERROR” issue. So, without taking much time, let’s start with the first method!

Method 1: Run Browser in Compatibility Mode

Well, locate your browser’s shortcut, right-click it. You will see ‘Menu.’ Now, choose ‘Properties’ from the menu. Here, when the properties window opens, navigate to the ‘Compatibility’ tab. Then, check the box telling ‘run the program in compatibility mode for’ and select Windows 10. After that, click ‘Apply’ and ‘ok’ to save the changes you made. This method proves to be useful in solving connection errors. But, if it doesn’t work in your case, well, try the second one!

Method 2: Uninstalling Network Adapter

Well, first of all, press Windows key+X. Then, click ‘Device Manager.’ After that, expand ‘Network adapter,’ right-click your adapter and then click ‘uninstall.’ Exit Device Manager and restart. Windows 10 should detect the network adapter then reinstall it. Now, you can connect to the network and browse!

Method 3: Network Reset

You can also try another technique to overcome the connection issue. The steps are, Open ‘Start’ and go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Network and Internet’ and go to ‘Status.’ After that, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Network Reset.’ Here, disable the ‘Windows Firewall’ and try connecting. Well, if these options don’t work, no need to panic! There are some other solutions available.

Method 4: Troubleshooting

You first have to open ‘Start,’ then go to ‘Settings,’ here, you will find ‘Update and Security’ and in this, go to ‘Troubleshoot.’ Now, scroll down and click on ‘Network adapters.’ After this, click ‘Run the Troubleshooter.’ Well, now restart and see if the problem is resolved!

Method 5: LAN setting Adjustment

Firstly, go to ‘Search’ and here type ‘Internet options’ and open it. Then, go to the ‘Connections’ tab, and further to ‘LAN settings.’ After that, uncheck ‘Automatically Detect Setting’ and use ‘Proxy Server’ for your LAN and restart. Check whether your problem is solved or not! 


Well, these five techniques are easy and useful. Moreover, these have worked for most of the Windows 10 users. Just by following some simple steps mentioned, you can get rid of the “Connection Error” issues in no time. Further, your search results will get available fast. Hence, protecting you from all the irritation and wait! 

So, facing the “Connection Timeout” issue. Well, not anymore! Go and try any of the above techniques mentioned and enjoy surfing through your favorite sites. 

We hope the article was informative and useful. You can contact me through the comment section. So, that was all about it. And we will be back with more information, tips, and tricks for you to stay updated. Till then, Stay Safe and enjoy reading!